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At Yoga Collective we pride ourselves on our yoga teachers and their ability to lead safe and skilful classes. Each teacher's individuality shines through as they conduct the class with knowledge and passion for the Yoga style they specialise in.


Owner & Senior Yoga Teacher




Aimee has escalated her yoga journey over recent years. She appeared on the front cover of Om Yoga Magazine, was welcomed as a brand ambassador for Yogangster, completed her 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and in July 2018 opened her first yoga studio.

It was in 2013 Aimee gained her RYT200 and vowed to leave the corporate world for good, become a full-time yoga teacher and have a yoga studio of her own. Being the strong minded individual that she is, she is proud to say that she has done everything she set out to do. Aimee's mantra is: 'If it does't challenge you, it won't change you - and all of us want to change ourselves in some way'.

Aimee has a desire to share her passion, knowledge and experience of yoga with others. Since first coming to the practice it has always been the more dynamic styles of yoga that drew her in - challenging but fun! She firmly believes there is no such thing as the perfect pose - it's about giving things a go and having fun on the mat and letting that bad-boy ego go!


She continues to be a student of the practice of yoga and is forever grateful to all of her teachers past, present and future.


Yoga Teacher


Bhavisha teaches yoga asana, meditation, pranayama as well as other forms of holistic healing. 


She was first drawn to Yoga due to the influences it had on the lives of her family members, with several instructors in the fold, the attraction was always there, but the discipline was lacking. Bhavisha needed to discover the art and lifestyle for herself and once she did, her life changed forever.

It was in 2007 when Bhavisha first discovered a holistic path of healing. As she explored more about the practice and integrated it in to her daily life, Bhavisha felt she had found her purpose. Since then Bhavisha has had the desire to share her knowledge and experience to all those who seek it and to help anyone who asks for it.

Bhavisha believes that yoga and meditation is a tool for all of us to heal ourselves, to love ourselves and find freedom from the constraints of modern day life and the way we have all been conditioned not free our emotions.

Bhavisha loves to share the joy, peace and physical benefits yoga has offered her and and for the peace and tranquility that lives within the practice. 


Yoga Teacher



Laura has been practicing Yoga since 2005. She qualified as a Bikram Yoga Teacher at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in Palm Desert, California in 2009.

Since then she has taught full time all over London and beyond.

In November 2016 she travelled to Vancouver, Canada to to train with Yin Yoga teachers Bernie Clark and Diana Batts and is finding that this slower paced, meditative form of yoga is an excellent compliment to the more 'Yang' style practice of Bikram Yoga. 

What Laura likes most about the yoga she teaches is its accessibility to all body types, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. She is committed to helping people find the therapeutic benefits of a Yoga practice for themselves.


Yoga Teacher


Whilst flying around the world as cabin crew has many advantages Manish was in the need to find a balance to combat his irregular sleeping & eating patterns, combatting jet lag, stress & fatigue from his daily life.


Manish started looking for something that would be physically challenging but at the same time gentle, accessible & beneficial. This is when he found yoga as the ultimate answer!


It wasn't long before Manish started to see the tremendous health & mental benefits from practicing yoga & also acknowledged how it affected his emotional state as well as physical. Not only did Manish become stronger & flexible but also much more gentle, tolerant and calmer. Manish's love for the practice grew steadily & immensely.


Manish's classes aim to provide a combination of a Vinyasa Flow & Yin sequence. They are both invigorating and approachable. He encourages students to bring awareness to the breath and cultivate strength, openness & mindfulness while guiding to focus. This provides ease and connection not just on the mat but out into the world.


Yoga Teacher



Chessie believes that we all need to make peace with who we are and learn to love ourselves for who we truly are today. She encourages all students to find balance in the body to achieve peace in the mind.


Over the years Chessie has experienced first hand the benefits of how the practice of yoga can help heal you from emotional stress and trauma. From a young age she fought kidney failure leaving her feeling stressed and emotionally exhausted. It wasn’t until Chessie discovered yoga that her perspective on life change and taught her the joys of living in the moment.


Chessie intuition and passion for the practice of yoga and natural heeling it brings shines through in her teachings. Her ethos is that ‘yoga takes time’ but in time the body and mind will heal through the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and spiritual leadings.


Chessie wish is for all her students to feel happy and free from the stresses of the modern day world in which we live in.


Yoga Teacher


Chanda is a passionate teacher focused on bringing the roots of yoga into the western practice.  

Her approach to yoga is to inspire students to be receptive to their inner guru, build courage to deepen not only their physical practice but explore their spiritual practice too.  

Her classes comprise of mantras, breathwork, asana, and meditation. She encourages all to try something new, guiding the breath to create space in the body, settling the mind in the heart, and to simply smile and have fun on the mat. 

Chanda has 100hr in Ayurveda, 200hr in Ashtanga Vinyasa, and 500hr in Dharma Yoga. She is currently training to be a Sanskrit teacher and is continuing to study with amazing teachers and mentors.  

Chanda’s mantra she stands by is “Yoga is the journey to the Self. The journey back home.” 

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Yoga Teacher



Rachael discovered the healing power of yoga after having a car crash which left her pelvis twisted. In 2012 Rachael tried her first vinyasa class and realised that the physical challenge from moving both quickly and slowly through asanas combined with a strong feeling of connection left her hooked physically and mentally.


With a busy mind Rachael found peace on her mat by focussing on moving from one posture to the next and on her breath. As a Nutritionist Rachael is passionate about the connection between nutrition and yoga and how both nourish the body and mind. Rachael believes that when we learn how to give our body what it needs through nutrition, yoga asana (postures) and breath our bodies respond by helping us to heal.


Rachael enjoys a dynamic practice and trained with Stewart Gilchrist to achieve her 200 hour Yoga TT. Rachael’s classes are energetic and open to all and she believes that we each take exactly what we need from our practice. Rachael believes that our body and mind are incredibly powerful and the intention of her classes is to provide others with strength, peace and balance through asana and breath.


Yoga Teacher


Gigi began exploring the art of yoga back in 2006 and fell in love with the practice. 


She felt the need to learn more about yoga and share the magic of the practice that she fell in love with. When a training opportunity came up at her local yoga studio, she knew it was her calling to take this opportunity. Gigi felt yoga had found her.


Gigi's classes aim to support and benefit each and every student. Her classes will challenge students and help students to find their inner potential through inner belief.


Her mantra is 'Come in for the practice, stay for the vibes'.

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Yoga Teacher



Indulekha (Indu) completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Guru Ravvi Tomar, a direct disciple of Swami Satyananda in the Shivananda yoga tradition. She has since studied with Ambra Vallo (Indaba) and is currently working on her advanced teacher training with Stewart Gilchrist (East London School of Yoga).


Indu spent many years living in Northern India, where she studied Hatha yoga, Indian dance and music as well as ancient Hindu philosophy. Indu is also a qualified Bharata Natyam (Indian classical dance) dancer and taught this in London for many years, but yoga is her true passion.


Although she trained in the Hatha yoga style, Indu is also familiar with Ashtanga, Kundalini and Yin yoga styles. She believes that yoga is a holistic body medicine as well as a physical practise and that along with meditation and pranayama (breath work), it really is the key to health, happiness, spiritual awareness and physical fitness for our modern times.

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