At Yoga Collective we pride ourselves on our teachers and their ability to lead safe and skilful classes. Each teacher's individuality shines through as they conduct the class with knowledge and passion for the Yoga style they specialise in.

Owner & Advanced Yoga Teacher




Over the last year Aimee has escalated her Yoga journey. She appeared on the front cover of Om Yoga Magazine, was welcomed as a brand ambassador for Yogangster completed her 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and now has opened her first Yoga studio.

It was in 2013 Aimee gained her RYT200 and vowed to leave the corporate world for good, become a full-time Yoga teacher and have a Yoga studio of her own. Being the strong minded individual that she is, she is proud to say that she has done everything she set out to do. Aimee's mantra is: 'If it does't challenge you, it won't change you - and all of us want to change ourselves in some way'.

Now Aimee simply wants to share her passion, knowledge and experience of Yoga with others. Since first coming to the practice in 2004 it was always the more dynamic styles of the practice that drew her in - challenging but fun! She firmly believes there is no such thing as the perfect pose - it's about giving things a go and having fun on the mat. Let that bad-boy ego go!


She continues to be a student of the practice of Yoga and is forever grateful to all of her teachers past, present and future.


Yoga Teacher


Since establishing her own practice in 2004 Kas realised over the years the benefits of practicing Yoga and wanted to be able to start sharing this with others. Ten years later Kas decided to train as a Hatha Yoga teacher in her quest to expand her knowledge and be able to lead others along the path of Yoga that she has found.


Kas' passion shines through as she leads a class and she continues to deepen her knowledge of Yoga Asana and Pranayama through the continuation of further study and courses.

In her own words Kas says "Yoga is about becoming connected and aware of your true self. It's about finding the relationship with your mind and body and allowing them both to communicate with each other with awareness and respect".

Yoga Teacher



Rob stumbled upon Yoga and like many others had a very inconsistent relationship with the practice. Being a professional commercial dancer / choreographer meant it was hard to be committed to the practice. However, after a major spinal chord injury in 2013 the universe had other ideas for the path Rob was about to take.

Yoga became a massive part of Robs recovery through finding a love for Vinyasa and soon after, Rocket. "Rocket made me feel strong yet challenged - I wanted to share this with others through teaching".

Rob's wish is to simply try and help others in their own quest to enhance their practice and experience on the mat. For Rob, teaching Yoga is not a job - it's just him sharing his passion with others.


Yoga Teacher


Bhavisha was first drawn to Yoga due to the influences it had on the lives of her family members, with several instructors in the fold, the attraction was always there, but the discipline was lacking. Bhavisha needed to discover the art and lifestyle for herself, and once she did, her life changed forever.


Certified in Hatha Yoga through the Yoga for Today teaching program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Bhavisha continues her journey and path to discovery of immersing herself within the practices of Yoga, while developing a greater appreciation for its theories and principles. She brings her energetic yet gentle nature and her calming, relaxing voice to her students in her classes. Bhavisha loves to share the joy, peace and physical benefits yoga has offered her and believes Yoga is for everyone.


Bhavisha’s passion for yoga is in its strength, flexibility, breath awareness and energy, and for the peace and tranquility that lives within the practice. Bhavisha teaches a series of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power and Prenatal Yoga classes (certified through the Seattle Holistic Center).


Her favorite Yoga practice however is Moksha, and Bhavisha has experienced a life-long dream of learning yoga in her home land early in 2010, where she travelled to Chennai, India, to attain her Moksha certification.

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Yoga Teacher



Laura has been practicing Yoga since 2005. She qualified as a Bikram Yoga Teacher at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in Palm Desert, California in 2009.

Since then she has taught full time all over London and beyond.

In November 2016 she travelled to Vancouver, Canada to to train with Yin Yoga teachers Bernie Clark and Diana Batts and is finding that this slower paced, meditative form of Yoga is an excellent compliment to the more 'Yang' style practice of Bikram Yoga. 

What Laura likes most about the yoga she teaches is it’s accessibility to all body types, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. She is committed to helping people find the therapeutic benefits of a Yoga practice for themselves.


Senior Yoga Teacher


Steve's love of Yoga began many years ago, fascinated by the practice of Yoga and where it could take you both physically and mentally, he became hooked on the practice and the history of Yoga. 


Steve's passion shines through when he teaches, passing on his knowledge and inspiration to the students he is fortunate to teach. 


Now a Senior Yoga Teacher he has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which to this day he continues to expand, as he dedicates time to his own personal practice and study.


Yoga Teacher



Purdy’s love and passion for traditional Yoga and its philosophy shines through during her teaching. In her class, you can expect a confident, well-rounded vinyasa flow / krama practice with the right balance of playfulness and professionalism and hands on adjustments. The class will be powerful both physically and spiritually and will be sure to make your body sweat and your heart sing.

Purdy welcomes a safe and nourishing space, connecting with her students in a way which puts them at ease, encouraging them to safely and mindfully try out postures that challenge them and test their limits without pressure, intimidation or an overwhelming amount of alignment cues. Sequences are controlled and supported by her ever-growing knowledge and curiosity of this practice, which makes it easy for the practitioner to follow.


Purdy talks beyond the asana, introducing yoga philosophy and principles throughout, yet does this in a way, which makes the practice relatable to everyday life and whilst remaining relevant to the ever-growing trends of modern yoga. She seeks to educate how yoga really does go beyond the asana and can be applied as a life sciencetoday.


Yoga Teacher


Claire started Yoga back in 2004 after wanting a change from aerobics and the gym in general.It wasn't until 2018 when Claire discovered a love for Pranayama (breath work) and mediation whilst away in Bali.


Claire went on to immerse herself Yin Yoga, steering herself away from the more dynamic styles that she had naturally gravitated towards.


After exploring various Yin teacher Claire found herself gaining her Yin qualification under the renowned Yin Teacher - Norman Blair.

Claire says the beauty in discovering Yin, was she discovered how to still her active mind in these more 'restorative' and gentle postures that were so much kinder on her body, instead of putting her body through so much pressure. It's this self discovery and knowledge of the practice that Claire loves to share with others.

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Yoga Teacher



It was whilst working in London that Lydia first found her love for Yoga. She found that Ashtanga Yoga was a great distraction from the busy city life which was what she initially fell in love with. However, the more she practiced, a deeper sense of peace and calm gradually encapsulated her life. 


Lydia embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga London in 2017 initially to deepen her knowledge of Yoga but gained so much from it, she felt she had to share it.


In Lydia's Yoga class you can expect to learn to find alignment, move with power and come to a place of stillness in both mind and body.