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The Different Styles of Yoga Practices:

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Welcome to My Blog! I'm Pooja and I'm part of the front of house team at Yoga Collective, Hatch End, Pinner.

I have a passion for yoga and sharing my love of yoga with others. I've also just started out on my 200hr yoga teacher training! All very exciting! Here in my blog I wanted to shed some light on the various types / styles of yoga that are out there and what you can expect from the types of classes at Yoga Collective.


The practice of yoga dates back thousands of years, however it first appeared in Western society in the late 1800's and has become a significantly popular 'mindful' practice over the past few decades. It's estimated that today there are a magical 37 million yogis worldwide.

With the many different styles of yoga - from a meditative yin class to a flowing vinyasa or feeling the 40ºc of heat in a hot yoga class - you can be certain there's a practice out there to meet your needs. There are some classes which enable you to grow physically, through more challenging postures and other styles that will allow you to explore yourselves internally and connect deeper, through the spiritual aspect of a yoga practice.

As well as the various styles of yoga, each teacher will also add in their own personal touch, so we always recommend trialling a range of practices with a mixture of teachers before choosing your favourite classes. Whether it is an energising morning practice or a relaxing evening flow, we hope this little guide will help you understand the fundamentals of the different types of yoga we have on our schedule at Yoga Collective.

Types of Yoga

These yoga classes are based around the traditions of Hatha yoga. Where the room is heated to 40ºc to replicate the heat of India. These will make you sweat! You will hold postures longer helping you to align, whilst building strength and flexibility in the body.

Hot Yoga classes are beneficial for: preventing injuries, restoring balance and flexibility, burning calories, better awareness of breath and mental endurance.

The ultimate mind-body practices - where breath is key and prana flows. These dynamic practices will challenge you to try new things and to explore your potential. Both modifications and advancements are given.

The Rocket proves beneficial for: improving balance, strengthening muscles and increasing consciousness, as well building confidence both on and off the mat.

Modern day life is fast enough - your Yoga practice doesn't have to be! These yoga classes focus on mindful, measured movement which will help balance frenzied energy. In these classes you have time to find your alignment in each posture and ease yourself into these spirit-lifting sequences.

Dharma Yoga is a spiritual selfless practice, where pranayama is used to help alleviate stress and asana to find balance both in mind and body.

These restorative styles of yoga give you time to surrender into each posture, to find a sense of deep release and relaxation.

Yin yoga is beneficial for: increasing mobility and flexibility, as well as working deeply into the connective tissues of the body. Slower classes encourage you to stay present and in the moment.

If you're completely new to the practice or have not stepped into a Yoga studio for some time, then these yoga classes are perfect for you! Practising alongside people of similar ability you can say 'goodbye' to those nerves and start learning or refreshing your mind of the fundamentals of the practice.

Beginner classes are beneficial for: improving balance, reducing stress, and enhancing mindfulness.

In a nutshell

In a brief nutshell, this is the 411 on some of the popular styles of yoga. Each variation of practice has its very own, unique benefits and often, you may experience a mixture of styles in the same class so unroll your mat, hop into your favourite leggings and dive straight in. We can promise there is a practice out there that is perfect for you.

Take a look at our current timetable and come try out the different styles of yoga classes we have at Yoga Collective.

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